Program Description

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is provided through Academic Support Centers. SI sessions are designed to assist students in increasing their understanding of course lectures, class readings and mastering course concepts.

Sessions are offered in selected courses each Fall and Spring semesters. SI Leaders provide two to three sessions each week, starting the second week of each semester. SI Leaders work with the faculty to design the sessions around the course syllabus and course content. Sessions are open to all students enrolled in the particular courses connected with Supplemental Instruction.

Historically, students attending SI sessions are more confident in the classroom, more prepared to complete assignments, and build a stronger connection with the faculty member.

Supplemental Instruction Spring 2017 Semester Schedule

* To request the semester schedule in a non-PDF accessible format please send an email to

How to Become an SI Leader

Students interested in becoming a Supplemental Instruction Leader should visit the office of Learning Assistance Programs located in Kent Library 412 and retrieve an SI Application Packet. Applicants may also print and fill out the SI Application Packet using the link below.

One of the minimum requirements of an SI Leader include having a cumulative GPA of 3.0. SI Leaders must have earned an "A" or “B” in the courses associated with SI. In addition to submitting the SI Application Packet, a copy of the student's most recent Degree Audit will need to be submitted. Once all documents are received, the entire application will be reviewed. Upon completed review, the applicant will be contacted.

SI Application Packet

* To request the semester schedule in a non-PDF accessible format please send an email to


University Center, Room 206

Kent Library 412
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