Southeast Missouri State University

Nine-Month Academic Year (August 2014 – May 2015)

Type of Expense Description of Expense Intensive English Program (IEP) Undergraduate (Bachelor's Degree) Graduate (Master's Degree)

(as specified on immigration documents)


15 credit hours/semester
(30 hours per year)


12 credit hours/semester
(24 hours per year)

$409.00 per additional credit hour

9 credit hours/semester
(18 hours per year)

$516.00 per additional credit hour

Tuition & Fees

9 months (2 semesters)




Living Expenses

Estimated Books & Supplies





$4,250.00 (Cheney Hall)

$3,375.00   (off-campus) 


$2,390.00 (10 Meals/Week) 

$1,125.00   (off-campus) 

Estimated Personal Expenses (toiletries, local transportation, recreation)


Health Insurance
(mandatory; 12 months)


SubTotal (9 months – 2 semesters)




Total Estimated Cost 

(9 months)




Please Note

  • All incidental fees, book costs, housing and meal charges are subject to change by the Board of Regents without notice.  Online, ITV and webinar courses are subject to additional fees. 
  • IEP and undergraduate housing and meal costs and based upon the choices listed.  Costs for other buildings or meal plans vary. (Housing and meals during break periods are avialable at additional costs.)  Graduate housing and meal costs are estimated based upon off-campus accommodations.
  • Personal expenses may vary widely.
  • Costs shown do not include some one-time charges (i.e. orientation, transportation from home country)
  • If you will have your spouse or children accompanying you, please add the following expenses to your total estimated costs above:
    • 1 Dependent  $2,000.00
    • 2 Dependents $3,000.00
    • 3 Dependents $4,000.00

All prices listed are before any scholarships are applied