Photo of Johannah Frömsdorf

Ms. Johannah Frömsdorf

Instructional Specialist
Office: Pacific Hall  319

Johannah Frömsdorf earned her graduate degree in TESOL from Southeast Missouri State University in 2012.  Her undergraduate degree (Spanish with minors in Anthropology and Creative Writing) included study stints in Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica.  Her teaching career has included language instruction to elementary students, young adult & adult language intensive education, and compositional & rhetorical studies to university students. 

While most of her permanent residence has been small town, Midwest, USA, Johannah has worked and lived in Madrid, Spain, and strives to leave her native country at least once a year.

Academic interests:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Composition & Rhetoric
  • International Education
  • Teaching
  • Ethnography in Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution

Other intersts:

  • furniture design
  • gastronomy/culinary arts
  • hiking, fresh air, outdoors, nature, getting her hand dirty
  • dance & theatre
  • discovering what interests other people