The Department of History offers a 36 credit-hour Master of Arts degree which develops professional competency through extensive reading, focused examination of special topics, practice in analytical and synthetical skills, and competency in computer searches in historical data bases and on-line services.

The student’s program will consist of courses from various areas within History, Historic Preservation, Social Studies, and other disciplines where appropriate. These courses will include 600-level readings courses which focus on a particular moment or era in history, and 600-level seminars which will focus on the research of a specific topic resulting in a scholarly paper.

The Master of Arts in History prepares the student for advanced professional study or career placement. Students will enhance investigative and communicative skills acquired as undergraduates and demonstrate their mastery of historical skills through a program that integrates extensive research in a special topic with a breadth of knowledge in complementary subjects.

Admission Requirements

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in History, the student should be able to

  • demonstrate the development of a knowledge base in history and an understanding of the major fields of study in United States, European, and World History;
  • demonstrate the ability to locate and gather information by developing skills in historical research, including the use of primary and  secondary sources, print and non-print databases, and Internet search engines and directories;
  • demonstrate capabilities for critical thinking, reasoning, and analysis by evaluation of the authenticity and significance of research materials.

Program Structure

Core Courses:
  • GH600 Introduction to Public History (3)*
  • GH610 Methods of Research in History (3)*
  • US/EH/WH600/620 Readings/Seminar in History (9)
  • 21 Hours of Electives**

*Students must pass GH600 and GH610 with a “B” or higher to continue in the program.
** No more than 6 hours may be chosen from GH/ HP601/602/603.


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