The Graduate Assistant (GA) position is designed to provide support for a student during full-time graduate study. It is an opportunity for the graduate student to serve in a professional role while establishing a professional relationship with faculty and/or administrators.

There are two kinds of Graduate Assistant (GA) positions: teaching, administrative. Please note that international graduate assistants are not permitted to work beyond their 20 hours per week contract. Graduate Assistant (GA) positions cover a full tuition and fees waiver for up to 24 hours of graduate coursework annually as well as paying a stipend of $8,600 per year.

Center for Academic Advising 

Counseling and Disability Services- SAPE

Counseling and Disability Services- Campus Violence Prevention

Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation

Department of Publication Services

Department of Recreation Services

Jane Stephens Honors Program

Office of Campus Life & Events Services- LGBT Education

Office of Career Services

Office of Greek Life

Office of the Provost & School of Graduate Studies

Office of Residence Life- Information and Administrative Operations

Office of Residence Life- Marketing, Publicity/Operations


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