Retroactive Credit

Retroactive Credit is credit issued by the Department for previous language study based on a student's performance in the Department's courses.

  • Eligibility:
    Retroactive Credit is available to any eligible student who enrolls for the first time in a course in a foreign language at Southeast Missouri State University. This eligibility is subject to the policy outlined below.
  • Credit:
    A student who completes a foreign language course beyond the 100-level with a grade of C or better may apply for Retroactive Credit for courses bypassed in the language sequence (i.e. 100, 120, 200, 220). A student may receive a combination of Retroactive Credit and/or AP or transfer credit for prerequisite courses up to a maximum of 9 hours. For example, a student who enrolls in a 220 course as the first course taken at the University and completes that course with a C or better may apply for 9 retroactive credits for 100, 120, and 200. If that student has already received transfer credit or AP credit for one or more of these prerequisite courses, Retroactive Credit may be awarded to make a total of 9 credits for prerequisite courses and the student would complete the semester with a total of 12 credits in the language.

    Retroactive credit may be combined with previous transfer or AP credit up to a total of 9 credit hours, but may not duplicate credit already on the student's record.

    The student is responsible for applying for the appropriate credit at the completion of the course. The student must obtain and complete the application from the Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology. Approval must be granted by the Department Chairperson. Credit will not be granted until the final grade of C or better is verified.

  • University Studies:
    Since all French, German, and Spanish courses numbered 100, 120, or 200 are included in the Oral Expression category, students who receive Retroactive Credit for one or more of these courses fulfill the University Studies requirement in the Oral Expression category. The nine hours of Retroactive Credit do not include the 220 course and therefore do not fulfill the University Studies requirement in the Literary Expression category.
  • Course Levels:
    Although completion of any 300 or 400-level course in the Department may also be used to apply for the maximum 9 hours of Retroactive Credit, students are advised that the 220 course is the normal entry-level course for exceptionally well prepared students. Students who do not complete 220 may be unprepared for the content areas of upper-level foreign language courses.

Policies of Native Speakers

  • Definition of Native Speaker:
    The Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology defines "native" language as the language of instruction in elementary and secondary education. For others who have had an extended period of residency in a community in which the target language is spoken, the Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology will determine if their language ability can be considered native.
  • Fullfillment of a B.A. Language Requirements:
    Upon approval of the Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology, students judged to be native speakers of languages other than English may receive a waiver of B.A. foreign language requirements. These students have, in effect, demonstrated proficiency in a second language by learning English. Students must present evidence in the form of school transcripts or test data to the Chairperson of the Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology in order to receive this waiver. However, no credit is given nor is the total number of hours required for graduation affected. This waiver does not affect requirements for English language proficiency nor does it satisfy University Studies category requirements in Oral Expression or Literary Expression.
  • Enrollment and/or Credit for Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology 100-200 level courses:
    The Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology offers programs of study designed for second-language acquisition, i.e., courses intended for students who do not have native ability in the language of instruction. Students who are judged to have native proficiency in any language offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology may not enroll nor be given credit for 100-200 level foreign language courses in their native language.

    Since native speakers may not enroll in 100-200 level courses, they are not eligible to receive Retroactive Credit nor Credit by Examination for these courses. Retroactive Credit and Credit by Examination are available only to students who are eligible to enroll in the courses which they are bypassing or for which they are requesting credit by testing. The Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropology does not consider native speakers to have satisfied University Studies category requirements in either Oral Expression or Literary Expression by virtue of being a native speaker of a foreign language taught by the department. They may fullfill the category requirements by taking other courses taught in the University Studies core curriculum


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