Greetings from the School of University Studies

Welcome to UI100/First Year Seminar

Southeast Missouri State University is proud of our commitment to our first-year students and the efforts we have in place to help them transition to the University. Southeast requires all first-year students to take the UI100: First-Year Seminar which is a three-credit hour course to assist students during their first semester.

The goal of this course is simple: to ensure students have a successful transition to Southeast Missouri State University. Throughout the course, students will learn to build on their information literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills. The intent of the people who designed this course was a practical one: to help make new students successful in meeting the academic demands they will face throughout their undergraduate years.

The interdisciplinary theme approach and the general syllabus designed for the First Year Seminar should assure students in all sections of the course that it will have strong academic and intellectual content, that a substantial and equitable amount of work will be required, and that the instructors who designed the themes would be highly motivated to make their sections of course interesting and useful.

Your professors have designed course activities which will introduce you to interesting and useful facts, processes, and disputes arising from topics such University Survival 101, Sanity Across the Ages, The American Dream, and Health Perspectives in the New Millennium.  You will learn, under the guidance of a strong group of more than fifty teacher-scholars, a good deal about your interdisciplinary theme topics.

What matters most particularly to me, however, as coordinator of the course, is that all students develop strong skills in information literacy, thinking critically, and communicating effectively, and that they come to understand how the nine University Studies goals contribute to their success and well-being, both during their undergraduate years and throughout their lives, regardless of their majors or career objectives.

If you are a student reading this, I hope you enjoy taking the course as much as I enjoy teaching it. If you have questions or comments about the course, please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Theresa Haug-Belvin
Coordinator of the UI100 Experience
UI100 Instructor


Memorial Hall 210
School of University Studies
One University Plaza, MS 4650
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701