Power plant.Power Plant Conversion

At present, a single coal-fired, high pressure boiler provides steam for the heating of the Southeast Missouri State University campus through a piping system that delivers 100 psig steam to most of the buildings on the main campus.

The intent of this current construction project is to provide all new natural gas fired boilers to convert the existing coal firing to full natural gas firing with No. 2 fuel oil as the back-up fuel source.

Two Goals of the Work

  1. To provide a natural gas boiler as a back-up boiler for the coal-fired unit for the winter of 2011/2012.
  2. To fully retire the existing coal-fired boiler by the spring of 2012, converting the plant to full operation on natural gas boilers with the capacity to fire No.2 fuel oil as a back-up source.

Construction on this project is scheduled to begin in June of 2011.  The existing coal-fired boiler will continue to operate until Spring 2012.  By12/30/2011, the intent is that one of the new 750 boiler horsepower natural gas boilers will be installed to provide back-up for the coal fired boiler during the winter of 2011/2012.  The initial natural gas boiler will only be operated during this period if there would be a catastrophic failure of the existing coal boiler.  The new natural gas boiler and the coal-fired boiler will never operate simultaneously.


Ben Eller


Contracted Achitectural Firm

8760 Engineering


Contracted General Contractor

 Corrigan Construction

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