Magill Hall.Magill Hall

Magill Hall was formally opened in 1960 as the primary science facility for Southeast Missouri State University. The existing building is comprised of four levels containing 64,450 total gross square feet. The four floors consist of a partial basement utilized primarily for mechanical equipment and storage, a first and second floor dedicated to instructional space and a small penthouse level containing space for mechanical equipment.

Over its 50-year lifespan, Magill Hall has undergone some modifications and improvements. The most significant of these improvements have occurred within the past four years. These include the renovation of three chemistry laboratories, two physics laboratories and most recently two biology laboratories partially funded from a Title Three Federal Grant.

The ultimate goal of the project is to renovate Magill Hall in its entirety. While improvements have been made to the building, many of the existing systems have outlived their useful life and now require replacement. This includes the complete replacement of all the mechanical and electrical systems within the building. Even the most recent renovations will require some changes and modifications to interface with the new mechanical and electrical systems that will be installed.

Exterior renovations include window replacement, masonry restoration and roof replacement. The exterior walls of the facility are currently un-insulated and are being furred out and insulated as part of this project. The exterior improvements, combined with the installation of contemporary energy efficient mechanical systems, will have a significant impact on the thermal performance of the building and will result in a significant reduction of operational costs for the facility.

The interior of the building, with the exception of the most recently upgraded laboratories, is being totally renovated. The complete interior renovation of the facility will provide the opportunity to accomplish two significant goals for the University. First, it will allow the complete remediation of all hazardous materials within the existing facility, both the Americium 241 contamination and the abatement of all asbestos containing materials. Secondly, the renovation will provide the opportunity to reorganize the current floor plans.

In order to facilitate the renovation process and alleviate the shortage of overall space, the project also adds a contiguous addition to the north of Magill Hall. The three-story, new addition will house a lecture room and mechanical and electrical space on the first floor. The second floor will have two lecture rooms and a small conference area. The third floor is entirely devoted to mechanical space for housing new air handling equipment. The mechanical equipmentwill serve the new addtion and all of the spaces in Magill Hall.


Lisa Howe

Contracted Architectural Firm

Clark Enersen


Contracted General Contractor

River City Construction

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