Specialist Degree/Ed.D.

Specialist Degree/Ed.D.

Students with a Masters Degree in Educational Administration complete the following course sequence from the Specialist program that "shall include knowledge and/or competency in each of the following areas" as listed in the superintendent's certification requirements. These courses include the following:

Course Number Course Title Hours
EA 737 Administration of Curriculum 3
EA 756 Financial Management and Leadership 3
EA 755 School District Law 3
EA 785 School Plan Planning and Operation 3
EA 707 Personnel Management and Operation 3
EA 710 School District Administration 3
EA 760 Internship I: Specialist Level 3
EA 761 Internship II: Specialist Level 3
Total Credit Hours 24

Two courses in the Masters Degree in Educational Administration program meet other certification knowledge/competency areas. Students have taken EA625 Foundations of Educational Administration and EA660 Administration and Supervision of Special Education in the Masters program.

Students who make application and are accepted in the Doctoral Degree in Education (Ed.D.) then begin their course work in the Ed.D. program. The course work during the first 12 hours of the Ed.D. program would be taken in lieu of the remaining 12 hours of the current Specialist program.

This program modification would allow the students who obtain acceptance into the doctoral program to apply for certification as a superintendent at the completion of the first 12 hours in the doctoral program.


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