Undergraduate Programs

Southeast Missouri State University offers the following areas of study in education:

Agriculture (9-12)
Art (K-12)
Biology (9-12)
Chemistry (9-12)
English (9-12)
Family & Consumer Sciences (B-12)
French (K-12)
German (K-12)
Mathematics (9-12)
Music: Instrumental (K-12)
Music: Vocal (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Physics (9-12)
Social Studies (9-12)
Spanish (K-12)
Technology & Engineering (9-12)
Unified Science: Biology (9-12)
Unified Science: Physics (9-12)
Early Childhood Education
with Elementary Certification (B-6)
Elementary Education (1-6)
Elementary Education with Add-On
Middle School Education Certification (1-9)
Exceptional Child Education
with Elementary Certification (K-12)
Language Arts (5-9)
Mathematics (5-9)
Science (5-9)
Social Studies (5-9)
There are no programs at this time. Check back later to find out more!

Undergraduate Certificates

Teaching Assistant Prep - Elementary/Special
Teaching Assistant Prep - Middle/Secondary

Graduate Programs