Courses in the department are scheduled according to a regular rotation system. Courses will appear in the official schedule as listed below. However, occasionally a course may be dropped due to insufficient demand and/or unavailability of faculty.

The following courses are offered every Fall and Spring semester:

  • EC101 - Economic Problems and Policies (one section on the Web)
  • EC215 - Principles of Microeconomics (one section on the Web)
  • EC225 - Principles of Macroeconomics (one section on the Web)
  • EC498 - Senior Seminar
  • FI361 - Financial Management
  • FI362 - Advanced Financial Management
  • FI364 - Modern Financial Institutions
  • FI368 - Investments
  • FI480 - Financial Policy
  • FI540 - International Finance

The following courses are offered every Fall semester:

  • EC342 - Sports Economics (Web course)
  • EC351 - Applied Economic Models
  • EC380 - Labor Economcs (Web course)
  • EC420 - Microeconomic Theory
  • EC561 - Managerial Economics (Web course)
  • EC580 - International Economics (Web course)
  • FI351 - Principles of Insurance
  • FI363 - Entrepreneurial Finance
  • FI568 - Portfolio Seminar

The following courses are offered every Spring semester:

  • EC335 - Monetary Economics (Web course)
  • EC410 - Macroeconomic Theory
  • EC432 - Econometrics (Web course)
  • FI365 - Real Estate Principles and Practices
  • FI475 - Futures Seminar
  • UI349 - Comparative Economic Systems (Web course)
  • UI366 - Law and Economics (Web course)

The following course is offered in Fall semesters of even numbered years:

  • EC235 Free Market Economics

The following course is offered in Spring semesters of odd numbered years:

  • EC344 - Environmental Economics

Summer course offerings are varied, and only EC101, EC215, EC225 and FI361 are guaranteed.


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