Program Description

Southeast Missouri State University is committed to providing services for students with disabilities. Disability Services is the institutionally recognized program designed to provide both federally mandated services as well as proactive services for students with disabilities by ensuring equal access. By providing leadership, advocacy, resources, mediation, and guidance to students with disabilities, Disability Services assists students with identifying barriers to their success and thusly identifying ways to address those barriers. Disability Services does this through collaboration and coordination with multiple entities.

While Disability Services strives to reduce barriers that students encounter at Southeast, academic accommodations are often necessary in the classroom. Academic accommodations are adjustments made to provide students equal access. Students wishing to use academic accommodations that are associated with their disability should contact Disability Services to determine how best accommodations may be provided. When accommodations are needed, they are implemented on a case by case basis. Disability Services staff consult with each student individually to identify how she or he can best meet her or his needs.

Disability Services encourages faculty, staff and community members to contact Disability Services to consult about ways to reduce barriers and create accessible educational environments for all.

How to Register as a Student with a Disability

Students seeking academic accommodations typically become registered with Disability Services. To start the registration process, students should fill out and submit the Request for Services form. Following is the link for the Request for Services form:

Online Request For Services Form
Online Request For Services Form (Word Document)

Students should keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive; therefore, it is in the student's best interest to get registered as soon as possible after recognizing that services may be appropriate. As students may become disabled at any time while in school, Disability Services does not limit when students are able to seek registration.

Upon completed registration with Disability Services and when requested to do so, Disability Services will disseminate notices to faculty members about registered students' accommodations. Students using accommodations often share that they experience little to no difficulties with using accommodations when they meet early in the semester with their professors to review the accommodations and determine the best way to use them in each individual class setting. Students who are unsure of how best to discuss their individual needs with a faculty member can work with a Disability Services staff member to identify self advocacy skills.

Accommodations for Orientation Placement Exams

Students requiring accommodations for placement exams being provided during First Step or other orientation programs should contact Disability Services to complete a request for accommodations. Once a student has completed the request with Disability Services, and accommodations have been identified, appropriate offices will be notified by Disability Services of accommodations that may be needed. If a student does not complete a request with Disability Services prior to attending an orientation and the student is denied accommodations during a placement exam, the student will have the option to take the placement exam(s) without accommodations or take the exam(s) at another orientation once registration has been completed and accommodations have been identified.

Following is the Request for Accommodations for Orientation Placement Exams, which can be downloaded below in Adobe PDF format. This request may be used for other orientation/placement exams as well.

Request for Accommodations for Orientation Placement Exams
Request for Accommodations for Orientation Placement Exam (Word Document)

Permission to Send Faculty Notifications

Registered students with disabilities are encouraged to meet with a Disability Services staff member each semester to discuss how the previous semester went and have faculty notices updated when necessary, to ensure that students are receiving and accessing the services best suited to their individual needs. Students registered with Disability Services who want their current Faculty Notification sent out should complete the form linked below. Students may mark one, two, or all three of the semesters for giving permission to send the Faculty Notice.

Students preferring to give permission in writing may print out the form and return the form to UC 302, send it through campus mail to MS2030, or mail it to: Disability Services, Southeast Missouri State University, MS 2030, One University Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Access the form by clicking on the following link.

Permission to Send Faculty Notice Form

Guidelines for Requesting Alternate Formats

Alternate format of printed material is an accommodation provided for some students with disabilities, based on the nature of their disability. It can take many weeks to locate or create alternate formats. Students and faculty members should keep this in mind when making requests and submit their requests at the earliest possible date.

Disability Services staff will do their best to ensure that the appropriate format is provided in a timely manner. To facilitate this, requests should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date that the material is needed. Requests not submitted at least six weeks prior to the date needed will be processed as they are received, but may not be immediately available. Due to federal legislation, students must show proof of purchase/rental of materials that alternate formats are being requested for. Students should check with Textbook Rentals and/or the Bookstore to find out what books are required for each course and rent or purchase their books prior to submitting their request. Students unable to or are unsure of how to locate their textbooks should contact Disability Services at 573-651-5927 and request to speak with a Disability Services staff member.

Students with memberships to alternate format book organizations are encouraged to first make their requests through those organizations. To make a request through Disability Services, students should submit the request form titled Request for Alternate Forma (linked below). Students may come by to pick up the form in Dearmont Hall B-1, or call the office at 573-651-5927 and request that the form be mailed to them.

Request for Alternate Format
Request for Alternate Format (Word Document)

Grievance Procedure and Form

Southeast Missouri State University will not tolerate discrimination. When a student with a disability believes that he or she has been excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of any program, service or activity or has been subjected to unlawful discrimination based on his or her disability, then a grievance may be submitted through Disability Services. Following are the procedures for submitting a grievance.

All grievances including appeals regarding disability accommodations and access should be made to the Director of Disability Services

  • Appeals must be filed directly by the student with the disability.
  • The appeal must be filed using the Grievance Procedure complaint form (available through Disability Services or via the link below), and submitted to the Director of Disability Services within 180 days from the date on which the student was notified of the action that he or she is appealing.
  • The Director of Disability Services will consult with faculty, department chairs, and Deans as appropriate, regarding appeals related to academic issues or concerns.
  • The Director of Disability Services will consult with the University ADA Coordinator and other professional staff and administrators, as appropriate, regarding campus access issues.
  • The Director of Disability Services will respond to the student, in writing at the completion of appeal review process.

If the Director of Disability Services is unable to resolve the appeal to the satisfaction of the student with the disability, he or she may appeal to the Vice President/Dean of Students in writing within 90 business days of the response from the Director.

  • The Vice President/Dean of Students will review the appeal and seek possible resolution of the issue in consultation with the student with the disability and the Director of Disability Services.
  • The Vice President/Dean of Students will discuss academic issues with faculty, department chairs, and Deans as appropriate.
  • The Vice President/Dean of Students will discuss campus access issues with the University ADA Coordinator and other professional staff and administrators as required by each individual situation.
  • The Vice President/Dean of Students will respond to the student, in writing at the completion of the appeal review process.
  • The Vice President/Dean of Students decision will be the final level of appeal.
Grievance Form


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