Southeast Missouri State University

Students of Concern Team

The Southeast Missouri State University mission and strategic vision articulate a commitment to providing student-centered experiences and to create a sense of community on our campus. All students, faculty and staff share in the responsibility to protect this community and to ensure its members are safe and healthy. Occasionally, a student's behaviors or personal concerns will rise above normal interactions to a level of concern that may lead to disruption of classroom or university activity or cause concern of threat towards oneself and/or others. Students exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical and emotional well-being should be referred to the Students of Concern Team.

About the Students of Concern Team


What is the Students of Concern Team?

The Students of Concern Team is a group of staff members from various departments who meet regularly to assist students experiencing difficulty and to help ensure the safety of our campus. We recognize that college is an exciting time, but it can also be both personally and academically challenging. These challenges are often compounded when students are managing additional issues related to their health, wellbeing or family lives. The purpose of this Team is to provide a means for early intervention of at-risk students through collaboration with campus departments, faculty and staff.

What does the Students of Concern Team do?

Students of Concern Team members meet on a regular basis to do the following:

  • Review recent campus incidents and reports
  • Develop intervention strategies to assist students in crisis or at-risk
  • Develop protocols and proactive ways to address recurring student issues
  • Make recommendations to campus staff or faculty as appropriate
  • Follow up with students, faculty and staff, offices or other agencies, as appropriate

The Team places a high priority on balancing individuals' right to privacy with the university's duty to respond to people experiencing difficulty or expressing at-risk behavior. The Students of Concern Team’s primary objective is to connect students with the support and resources they need to be healthy and productive members of our campus community.