Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the College of Science, Technology and Agriculture at Southeast Missouri State University.The primary mission of the College is the education of the students at Southeast. The College of Science, Technology and Agriculture is a major contributor to University Studies, the general education program at Southeast. All students at Southeast are likely to take at least three courses offered by faculty in the College of Science, Technology and Agriculture.

The college offers degrees in agribusiness, biology, chemistry, computer science, commercial photography, cyber security, engineering physics, engineering technology, environmental science, technology management, mathematics, medical technology and physics. Degrees in secondary education are available in agriculture, biology, chemistry, industrial technology, physics and mathematics. The college is responsible for advising programs in pre architecture, pre-medicine, pre-chiropractic, pre-dental, pre-engineering, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy and pre-veterinary medicine. At the graduate level, the college offers the Master of Natural Science degree in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and science education. Master of Science degrees are offered in environmental science and technology management.

The college is committed to the concept of learner-centered education and to the value of experiential learning. All students with a major in the College of Science, Technology and Agriculture will participate in real-world experience as part of their education. This may take the form of undergraduate research, an internship or a capstone experience. Research and scholarly activity play an important role in the educational program. Students are given the opportunity to work with faculty on cutting-edge research topics. Many students present their work at scientific conferences and become co-authors of scientific publications. Research prepares students to think critically and creatively.

Education on a broader scale is aided by service to the university, the professions and the community. Every discipline in the college has at least one student organization devoted to the profession.

Excellence in teaching and research, high quality service, outstanding students and successful alumni are hallmarks of the College of Science, Technology and Agriculture at Southeast Missouri State University.

Dr. Chris McGowan
Dean, College of Science, Technology and Agriculture

Departments in College of Science, Technology & Agriculture

Computer Science
Environmental Science
Physics and Engineering Physics
Polytechnic Studies