Haunted Downtown Walking Tours

Are you looking for some fun and adventure...and maybe some scares? Follow the lantern of your costumed guide through downtown and let the darkness of the past envelope you. Cape Girardeau’s historic downtown is full of “true" tales of ghosts and memorable characters as well as landmark buildings. Tours are offered all-year round!

Call now to schedule and personalize a tour for your group!

Groups of 8 or more can schedule private tours on the evening of their choice with at least 7 days notice. Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. Tours last approximately one and a half hours. 

Fee: $20 or $30/couple


Murder Mystery Dinners

Do you like mysteries? Do you like food? Do you have 10-16 friends? Then Southeast Missouri State University’s Office of Continuing Education’s murder mystery dinners are perfect for you!  Partnering with the Rosebed Inn, the Office of Continuing Education is proud to offer customized murder mystery dinner parties for 10-16 guests.  The mystery dinners include a three-course meal and mystery customization all for $75 a person.  Remember, Rosebed does not serve alcohol; guests 21 years of age or older are more than welcome to bring their own alcohol for no extra charge.    All parties must have at minimum of 10 guests with no more than 16 unless special arrangements are made.  Interested in a fun filled night of food and mystery, then contact Christy Mershon today to schedule your event! 

Sample Scripts

Zombie Town: A Murder Mystery Worth Dying Over

Three weeks ago, the cheery town of Sunnyville was hit hard with a devastating plague that turned the living into horrifying undead zombies. Once the H5N1 zombie virus spread and the zombie population dominated the living within Sunnyville, the zombies staged a revolt and took over the government. The Center for Disease Control, hearing of this epidemic centered in Sunnyville, quarantined the town and the U.S. Government threatened to 'wipe out' the population of zombies to prevent further spreading of this viral nightmare. But the citizens of the newly-formed Zombie Town weren't the stereotypical aggressive zombies portrayed in movies, television and comic books. The citizens of Zombie Town were simply dead and decomposing but still the same as before - upstanding citizens! But with one gruesome exception: the virus gave them an intense craving for living human flesh! Because a mandatory vaccine against the H5N1 zombie virus was given to the human population outside of Zombie Town and the epidemic ceased to exist, human rights activists caught wind of the situation in Sunnyville (aka: Zombie Town) and formed the Save a Zombie Alliance. Millions banded together across the country and persuaded the United States government to sign an unprecedented peace treaty with the zombies. Ashes, the self acclaimed Emperor of Zombie Town, represented the zombies and outlined the truce with the U.S. President. The major clause in the treaty was that zombies would not cross the borders of Zombie Town unless on an approved journey by the U.S. President and they would never hunt living humans for food outside of their borders. Because there were extensive warning signs posted for miles surrounding Zombie Town's borders, there was an addendum in favor of the zombies that if a living human ended up inside the borders of Zombie Town, they were 'fair game' to be hunted, captured and on a zombie's dinner table. Ashes set forth the laws of Zombie Town and the treaty was to be signed by both Ashes and the U.S. President within 24 hours. The citizens were happy to be at peace with the United States Government. Thankfully, they discovered they could sustain themselves by eating pumpkins but pumpkins didn’t quite satisfy their appetite for living human flesh. Suppressing their cravings led to increasing irritability and with frustrations escalating in Zombie Town, Ashes knew s/he had to pump up the morale of the citizens. Leary of an impending civil unrest, s/he scheduled the Undead Festival which was a massive town-wide celebration with delicious pumpkin-inspired food, rockin' music and fun zombie games. And this is where the story begins...
A Ghoul’s Only Mystery: Witches Night Out
Grab your best Ghoul-friend for this ladies only event! The witches arrived at the weekly 1300th Witch's Coven expecting a typical night of preparing Witch's brews, practicing new spells and gossiping about Warlocks! A few witches were in rare form and the chemistry of the group was not quite right but nonetheless, the witches started the evening with fun cocktails and yummy appetizers. They challenged each other on some Halloween trivia questions before engaging in an amusing gossip session. The witches played some hilarious games such as the Spooky Dance Contest and the Creepy Disguise Challenge. Some of the witches did not get along too fabulously and so a delectable dinner was served with a fun distraction of the Spooky Movie Challenge. Then, to everyone's shock...a witch was murdered! The victim became a ghost and threatened to haunt everyone forever if the murderer was not unveiled quickly! So, the witches investigated the crime and solved whodunit - while taking a few breaks to play The Great Pumpkin Carve Off, the What Spooky Thing am I game, and the Balloon Blower challenge! Then, dessert was served with coffee and one by one, the witches accused who they believed to be the murderer...and the murderer confessed! To top off the Coven gathering, the witches played the Spooky Charade Challenge. Overall, it was a very interesting night at the Coven and the world - both magical and non-magical -might never be the same again!
Fine Wines/Wicked Murder
Ivanna Katenka hosted her monthly wine-tasting party at her home in the little town of Gladerock. The usual guests arrived in style and ready to relax with some fine wines and great company. The guests enjoyed a delicious cheese tray as they sampled flights of wines. They mingled with challenging wine trivia and caught up on last month's juicy gossip before engaging in a hilarious game of 'what wine related thing am I?' with the exception of a couple of skirmishes between guests that harbored tainted pasts together, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner mixed with an amusing wine movie scramble challenge. All of a sudden, to everyone's horror...a body was discovered in the adjacent room! The guests quickly organized a murder investigation, examined the evidence and interrogated everyone at the party. To prevent a cold-blooded killer from walking the streets, nobody was allowed to leave until they solved the mystery of whodunit! Over dessert and a flight of dessert wines, each guest accused who they believed was the murderer and to everyone's shock - the murderer confessed! After an exciting escape attempt, the guests re-grouped and capped off the night with a brilliant game of winery charades. Everyone unanimously agreed...Ivanna's wine-tasting was certainly to die for this month!


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