University Communications & Marketing is here for two purposes: to effectively market the University with the most outstanding projects imaginable and to make your life easier.

Everyone has a role at the University; yours may be to train employees, teach our students or manage one of the many amenities on campus. Ours is to help the University communicate with one voice--internally and externally.

We offer the following marketing service to the campus community:
Marketing Strategy

Maybe you aren't sure what marketing pieces you need, but you want to spread awareness about your program, department or the University as a whole. We will work with you to define your audience, the appropriate messaging and methods for reaching that audience and help you establish goals to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


Whether it's online or print, TV or radio, billboards or even buses, we have experience spreading the word about Southeast and its programs in advertising.


Everyone is a designer, or at least everyone has an idea about design. Our designers have 60-plus years combined experience and the degrees and knowledge to back up that work. We would love to take that talent plus their understanding of how your project fits into the bigger picture at Southeast to help you communicate your message to your audience.

News & Media Relations

Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a faculty member with an incredible breadth of knowledge on a subject? Sharing our stories and our experts with media outlets is key to showcasing all the good work the University undertakes.

Photos & Video

Sometimes the best way to market your program or department includes the use of photography, a web video or maybe a commercial. We have talented storytellers who can share your vision in a visual form. What our team does not do is provide event photography. With thousands of marketing pieces produced every year, the need for great photography and video is, well, great. So our team has to be focused on those projects that market Southeast instead of documenting events. If you have need for an event photographer, we can provide a list of freelance photographer suggestions or lend you a camera for the event.

Web and Multimedia

We may not all get their humor or their references, but one thing is certain, our web team has both the know-how to help you communicate your message online and the technical expertise to make it work. In an increasingly digital world, they are key to marketing your messages.