The Department of Communication offers the following 120-hour degree programs:


Students can opt for either of two Bachelor degrees.

Bachelor of Arts: Communication Studies

Communication Studies at Southeast is custom-tailored to each student. Each student works closely with a professor who helps them outline the courses best-suited to their goals and aspirations. The professor advises the student throughout the process, plus helps the student acquire opportunities for experience and learning outside the classroom. This 30-hour major also requires a minor (which can also be fulfilled by a second major).

Bachelor of Science: Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is an interdisciplinary degree, featuring classes in Communication Studies, Marketing, and Management. This 48-hour major also requires a minor.


The department offers two minors, complementing a wide variety of majors.

Communication Studies

This is our general minor, helping students develop and refine their speaking, writing, listening and other communication skills, so heavily sought by employers and also important to civic, familial, and personal life. This is a 15-hour program.

Communication for Legal Professionals

This 15-hour minor is especially geared towards a career in law, from work as a law enforcement officer to that of attorney. This degree also helps prepare students for graduate study or law school. Note: To be even better prepared and more competitive, many students elect to major in Communication Studies, often as a second major. (See the description of the major, above.)

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Communication Studies
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