The weekly logs should include the following:

    1) A daily report of your actual work assigned that day with the time spent that day in the internship.
    2) A weekly summary of the time and a running total of hours to that point.
    3) A reflective paragraph about what you learned in a positive way about your current work and/or  your future career and any changes you would make about that week's work (for example, in your actual work, your interpersonal relations, or your communication during that week).

Internship Log
Journalism Sample
Southeast Missourian

Wednesday, 5/27/xx

  • I filled out employment paperwork.  Peggy Scott showed me around the Missourian and introduced me to other employees.  I was shown how to use the computer and what two of my feature-page stories would be and when they were due.  My first feature-page story was a story on dialysis, due June 15th.  My second was on paintball wars, due June 22nd.
  • I was then given a stack of education briefs to type up until I would get actual assignments,  I typed up at least 50 inches of briefs.  Some of the briefs were a month or more old, so I asked if I should still type those in.  Peggy S. (there are a few Peggy's in the office) told me to go ahead and type them in as well.  The Missourian was behind on briefs.

8.0    Hours Counted

Friday, 5/29/xx 

  • I typed up some more education briefs in the morning,  I had about half the stack left from the  last time.  I typed up another 30 inches of briefs before Peggy S. gave my first real assignment.
  • My first assignment was to write a short preview of the Annual Scott City Mid-Summer Festival.  I called the contact on the press release, but I had to leave a message.  She called back a few hours later and we talked a bit.  She didn't talk much.  I had to force her to say much about the festival. When I got off the phone, I started writing the story and decided I should talk to one of the people using the festival as a fund-raiser.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find phone numbers for the Elks or Kiwanis from Scott City, and I wanted to get the story in by the time I left, so I made do with what I had.  I should have asked the woman I talked to earlier if she knew the phone numbers.
  • I also got the task of compiling the list of all the valedictorians and salutatorians of area high schools.  I began calling the local high schools.  There were 14 in all.  Several of the schools weren't answering, so I decided to try calling again Monday.
  • I had my first mistake at the newspaper.  It wasn't in a story or brief or anything, it was just a procedural thing that I didn't know about.  Whenever I finished typing a brief, I was supposed to put whatever photos in the scan-in basket.  I didn't know that.  Wednesday, I asked what to do with the stories after I was done, and I was told to hang on to them for a while after they were published in case we had complaints about errors.  I never thought to ask about what to do with the photos.  Oh well.  They found whatever photos they needed and took them from my basket.

8.0      Hours Counted
16.0   Accumulated hours per week
16.0   Accumulated hours during internship



Internship Log
Video Production Sample
Technisonic Studios, St. Louis, MO

Monday, 6-7-xx

  • Learned how to route different machines to source machines for dubbing and digitizing purposes.
  • Sat in on an editing session.  Learned a lot about the show on the first day.  Also had the opportunity to ask questions, which the senior editor was happy to answer.
  • Did a small amount of editing while the senior editor was at a meeting.

5.0   Hours counted

Tuesday, 6-8-xx 

  • Operated the routing system for the editor.
  • Selected music cuts for the show's feature stories.
  • Received a Miller Lite/Harley Davidson press release.  The press release announced a joint project with the Miller Lite race teams: new paint schemes for the race cars.  I was asked to write a story for the show about the project.  (See script in packet).

6.0   Hours counted

Thursday, 6-10-xx

  • Began to work on the feature story.  Started to log video footage and sound bites from the video press release (VNR) sent from NASCAR.
  • The producer allowed me to have total control of the package and I wrote my first script for the show.
  • Typed out the script and was approved with minor corrections.

4.5   Hours counted

Friday, 6-11-xx 

  • Located video footage that a client wanted changed on project for Honda Racing.
  • Sat down on the editing session in which the corrections were made on the Honda Racing project.
  • Again learned more about editing by asking questions.

5.0   Hours counted

Saturday, 6-12-xx 

  • Taped a race coming from satellite down link.  The race's highlights were used on the show.

2.5     Hours counted
23.0   Accumulated hours per week
45.0   Accumulated hours during internship 



Internship Log
Public Relations Sample
FOX Sports Net Midwest

Monday, 5-12-xx

  • The day started with orientation of the net work staff and office arrangement.
  • Composed a Media Alert about two Indiana Pacers players appearing on The Last Word.  The Last Word is a nightly interview program.  It was timely that we get the release out about the players.
  • Composed the rules and regulations for "See the Best in Boston" Sweepstakes.  This sweepstakes is in conjunction with the network sponsor and they are offering a trip to Boston for the Summer 1999.
  • Created a flyer for the St. Louis Cardinals players, inviting them to a cocktail reception in May, 1999.

7.0    Hours counted

Wednesday, 5-26-xx

  • Met with my supervisors and had a brainstorming meeting for the first part of the day.  This meeting included several projects I will be working on in the future.  For example, a "Phrase of the Game"  Sweepstakes, which involves working with Internet registrations and dealing with logistics of the whole project. 
  • Composed the weekly programming schedule.  This involves picking the most important programs shown on FOX Sports Midwest and writing up a program which is sent to over 70 media contacts in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.
  • For the latter half of the afternoon I sat in on conference calls.  These calls are via phone.  The calls are based from Los Angeles.  A 1-800- number is called and the FOX Sports Net members log on and sit in on the meeting.  The first meeting is for the marketing department and the second is for the Public Relations department; we sat in on both meetings.
  • The last assignment for the day was for me to thumb through the Sports Business Journal for any blurbs about FOX Sports Net.

7.0    Hours counted

Thursday, 5-27-xx

  • Today I was invited to a breakfast at the Marriott Hotel in St. Louis.  This breakfast was given for all of the affiliate stations of the St. Louis Cardinals.

3.0    Hours counted
17.0  Accumulated hours per week
17.0  Accumulated hours during internship



Internship Log
Public Relations Sample
Philip Environmental Services Corporation

Monday, 12/18/xx

  • Reviewed current company brochures, reports, relevant article reprints, annual reports, and several proposed marketing and public relations plans for xxxx.  Corporate marketing employees for Philip Environmental, based in Canada, had done an overall, broad marketing campaign for xxxx.  Several small public relations consulting firms had prepared proposals for marketing strategies in xxxx specially for the environmental services division.  Although I had worked for the company previously as an administrative assistant, this literature review allowed me a more in-depth understanding of the company's operations.
  • Became acquainted with the marketing files in the computer network and learned the procedures for updating and adding to documents in the Marketing Workbook, an important tool provided by the marketing department which consists of project descriptions and key work summaries of projects.  I was given the ongoing assignment of updating project descriptions to a new format, and carefully reading them to choose several "key words" from each description for easier use of the program.

8.5      Hours counted

Tuesday, 12/19xx and Wednesday, 12/20/xx

  • Continued updating the Marketing Workbook.

16.0     Hours counted

Thursday, 12/21/xx  

  • Attended a morning meeting with my supervisor and two other managers.  They discussed an important "crisis"-type situation that had arisen.  Immediate action had to be taken to quickly submit a proposal to a potential client offering $400 million decommissioning job at fourteen East Coast electric utility sites 
  • Prepared a specially tailored SOQ (statement of qualification) report for this potential client to be included in the project proposal.  This had to be done very quickly, so I used Philip's basis boilerplate SOQ and made some changes so that decommissioning abilities were emphasized, as well as the acquisition of a major decommissioning firm and the strength of the company's comprehensive internal laboratory.

8.0    Hours counted

Friday, 12/22/xx 

  • Assisted in the preparation of a special holiday mailing sent to over 3,500 people including past, present, and potential clients, media people, and political contacts.  Included in the mailing were a special letter from the new president of Philip Environmental Services, a leather-bound pocket-size date book, and a small brochure designed to fit into the back of the date book titled "Dial-An-Expert" which listed the names and phone numbers of Philip personnel under several categories of expertise.  While assisting in assembling the mailing, I also supervised the work of several temporary workers brought in for this task.

8.0    Hours counted
40.5  Accumulated hours per week
40.5  Accumulated hours during internship