1. Advisor

     Meet with your advisor and review your degree audit report for unmet requirements. Undergraduates: be sure to include CL's and WP003 Exit Exam. Graduate Students: Don't forget to enroll in either comps or orals.
  2. Enroll

    Enroll in all requirements. If completing a requirement by way of transfer credit, enroll in coursework at the other institution and provide proof of enrollment. (Note: in addition to enrolling in courses, you do have to complete them satisfactorily.)
  3. Evaluation

    After enrolling, run an updated degree evaluation. What's missing? If the department is substituting or waiving a requirement on your major, have the substitution form sent to the Registrar's Office from the department chair.
  4. Apply for Graduation

    Fill out the graduation application for the semester in which you will earn your final credit. Read the instruction carefully! Keep the instruction sheet until you receive your diploma. Important information is included. Please print legibly, and give the address where you reside that semester! Applications are available at the Commencement Website.
  5. Candidate Information

    Candidate Information includes a list of requirements for graduation, cap and gown order form, verification or update of diploma mailing address, space to provide "human interest" information, etc. When you have been approved as a candidate for graduation, check your graduation status through the portal. If you are an approved candidate for graduation, a new link – "Candidate Information" – will be available through the portal. Complete the Candidate Information (required as part of the graduation process) by following the link and directions. Be sure to hit the submit button to complete the process.
  6. Commencement

    Commencement for the fall and spring semesters occurs on the Saturday following final exams. Cap and gown pick up occurs on the Thursday and Friday prior to commencement day. Read and follow directions regarding cap and gown pick up when received. There is no summer commencement; students graduating in summer may choose to participate in the preceding spring commencement, provided they have enrolled and applied for graduation no later than Friday of the first week of summer enrollment. Students may also choose to participate in commencement in the fall semester following their graduation. Students are not required to participate in commencement, but students graduating in the summer must mark either spring or fall so that their name will be included in the appropriate program.
  7. Diploma

    Your diploma will arrive in the mail with a copy of the commencement program and your complimentary transcript, at the address verified as correct at cap and gown pick-up. Expect it about eight weeks after finals for your graduation semester.