Bureau of Economic Analysis. The BEA is one of the most important websites for regional level data. The BEA publishes annual data on personal income and employment for states and counties. It also publishes quarterly data on state personal income as well as annual data on Gross State Product, a measure of the output of goods and services for states.

Bureau of the Census. The Census Bureau has a wealth of regional data for states, counties, and places (cities and towns) from the 2000 Census and beyond.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS has data on national unemployment and the Consumer Price Index. It also publishes some local data, mostly at the state level.

Missouri State Census Data Center. The Missouri State Census Data Center publishes much of the same data as can be found at the Bureau of the Census. The advantage of using this source is its ease of accessibility and, of course, it concentrates on regional level data for Missouri counties and cities.

OSEDA. OSEDA is the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Like the Missouri State Census Data Center, it specializes in data for the state of Missouri.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS). LAUS offers monthly data on employment and unemployment for all counties in Missouri as well as selected Labor Market Areas. The data are subject to later revisions and sometimes the revisions are extensive.

Fed Stats. This is a portal to all data available on websites of the Federal Government. If it is not available here, it may not be available anywhere.


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