**The next Part-Time Job Fair will be offered Fall 2014. In the mean time, do not forget to create your REDConnect profile to search for on-campus and off-campus part-time positions in the Cape Girardeau area.**

Part-Time Job Fair

Need a part-time job while attending classes at Southeast?

The Part-Time Job Fair, sponsored each Fall by the Office of Career Services, offers students the unique opportunity to meet and network with local on and off-campus employers looking to fill part-time positions. This is a GREAT opportunity to meet many employers at once, fill out part-time job applications, distribute your resume and network with local employers!

Date:TBA (Fall 2014)

How to prepare:

You only need a few minutes to prepare for this event! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Review registered employers: See what employers are attending this year's Part-Time Job Fair. This list is regularly updated as we receive new registration materials.

    Make a list of the top 5 employers you plan to speak with at the fair, research them online and have well-thought-out questions to ask about their respective companies and the positions they may be looking to fill.
  2. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Would I like to work on or off campus?
  • Do I qualify for federal work study?
  • Am I able to work around my class schedule and other commitments?
  • How many hours can I handle working per week?
  • Where can I get work experience that relates to my major?
  • How far am I willing to travel?
  • What you need the day of the fair
    • Professional attire is encouraged but not required (look the part!)
    • Bring many copies of your resume, which includes all part-time or full-time work experience (including working for family, babysitting, etc), volunteer work and prior extracurricular/leadership experience.
    • Available times and days that you can work, including a start date and your course schedule.
    • Documentation of Federal Work Study (attain your financial aid status from the Portal or contact Financial Services)
    • A notepad and pen to jot down notes of your conversations with employers to use during your follow-ups

    Don't forget to log in and create your profile on REDConnect, your ONLINE access to part-time job postings even after the fair is over!