Find a Job or Internship

Whether you are searching for a job or an internship, it is important to know the basic principles of the modern job search in today’s workforce

Successful Job/Internship Search Steps:

Advertised vs. Hidden Jobs: Know the difference!
Each person in today’s workforce probably landed their current job in a slightly different way. The truth is, there are MANY different ways to find job openings in today’s job market. While employers do still publicly post some job vacancies, the majority (60-80%) of current job openings are never made public. This is called the “hidden” job market, and it requires less conventional methods of job searching to tap into. Therefore, in order to reach both markets, you will want to plan to use a variety of strategies.

Select the job search methods you want to use in your personal job search. There are approaches you can use to find both hidden AND advertised jobs. To find out more about these strategies, check out our resources below.

Search for employment opportunities using as many techniques as you can, using the resources we have provided below. One job search resource provided to your through our office is our online job database, REDConnect. Log in and create your profile in order to gain access to local, state-wide and national internship & job opportunities.

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Once you find a lead, do your research!
Research organizations and companies in your field that interest you. Look them up on Google, review their LinkedIn profiles, read blogs and trade journals, research professional organizations and talk with others about potential employers.

Get Personal
If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with an employer or company of interest, TAKE IT. If you were referred to a job opening from a friend or colleague, mention that person’s name. Make sure ALL materials (resume, cover letter, emails, etc) are personalized to the specific position and hiring manager you are sending them to. Never send “blanket” documents that you’ve used for other job applications, these are the first to land in the “no” pile.

You only get what you put in!
Create a system to keep track of the resumes you have sent out and companies/people you have contacted. Many job postings have hard deadlines, so make sure you send your materials well before these. Create a time each day when you check in on all your current job leads.

*Remember: the amount of time you devote to your job/internship search directly influences how quickly you can expect results, and the level of success you will find in getting what you want*

Follow Up
Make sure and follow up with all employers and contacts you make. Hiring managers are inundated with resumes and have been known to let some quality candidates slip through the cracks. Persistant job seekers will follow-up with an email, letter, visit or a phone call. Even in 2013, the personal touch is appreciated by almost all hiring managers, across the board!

*Send thank-you notes to all employers/companies with which you speak. This is an often under-utilized tactic, but is still HIGHLY regarded by hiring managers. It is a great way to stand out among other candidates and can be the one factor that tips the hiring decision in your favor.

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