This page includes the Student Organization Handbook and additional pamphlets and worksheets to assist you in building and managing a successful student organization.

If you or another member of your organization requires an accommodation to have the handbook or other resources available in print or another format, please e-mail or call (573) 651-2280.

Student Organization Handbook

Listed directly below are the sections of the Student Organization Handbook. A downloadable PDF file will open when you select the section.

Student Organization Registration Process

General Policies & Procedures

Funding & Finances

Event Planning & Promotion

Important Offices to Know

Advisor Resources

Managing Your Organization Resources

The Managing Your Organization Resources section offers you in-depth information on how to successfully manage your student organization. You'll find tips for event planning, serving as an organization officer, and more!

Student Organization Registration Process Resources

General Policies & Procedures

      • Gambling: How to host a raffle or trivia legal game legally
      • Movie copyright: Are you breaking the law when you watch a movie at your meeting?

Funding & Finance Resources

Event Planning & Promotion Resources

Officer Resources


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