We are pleased to congratulate the following winners from the 2016 Student Life and Leadership Awards. Thank you for all of your outstanding contributions to Southeast Missouri State University!

About the Awards

The Student Life and Leadership Awards program was established to honor students, student organizations, and University professionals who support the intellectual, professional, personal, social, and cultural needs of the community.  Specifically, we seek to honor those persons and groups who successfully facilitate the following tasks within the community:

  • Integrate the pursuit of knowledge with the realistic and practical needs of the community.
  • Advocate for full participation by all as equal partners in the community of scholars.
  • Create opportunities for student learning beyond the classroom.
  • Implement services which maintain, foster, and enhance the quality of campus life.
  • Develop activities for students to evaluate, access, and effectively implement career/life plans and goals.
  • Enhance students’ worth and dignity.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of students.

We get relatively few opportunities to formally thank and recognize significant contributors to students’ lives. The Student Life and Leadership Awards program provides one such opportunity. The nine awards include:

If you have questions regarding the Student Life & Leadership Awards, please contact Campus Life & Event Services by calling (573) 651-2280 or via e-mail at leadership@semo.edu.


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