Photo of Emily Booth

Emily Booth

Office: CAC  040


  • MFA - University of Delaware
  • BFA - Virginia Commonwealth University


Emily Booth hails from central Virginia and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia. She earned a Master of Fine Art in Painting from University of Delaware.

As current Exhibitions Coordinator of the River Campus Art Gallery, and previous Director of the Truman State University Art Gallery, Exhibitions Coordinator of Perkins Student Center Gallery and Gallery Assistant in Recitation Hall Gallery (both at University of Delaware), Emily is a strong supporter of the accessible, unflinching display of all art forms, from traditional fine art to contemporary street art. She has also been the recipient of several awards and honors, among them the Virginia Museum of Fine Art Professional Painting Fellowship, the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts CAVA Residency Fellowship and multiple publications in New American Paintings. Emily has participated in a number of programs for special needs, underserved and inner-city youth including Stargate, Growing Tree and The Children's Festival.

In her spare time, Emily hangs out with her spazzy dogs, keeps in touch with two amazing nephews and three incredible nieces, follows the exploits of an opera-singing sister, a fun-loving, athletic brother, two brilliant and hilarious parents and a whole bi-coastal host of talented and fascinating friends.

Artist's Statement

The major theme in my work is an abiding curiosity about human interactions, methods of communication and the social systems we create for ourselves. My interests include the individual versus the collective, how art in public spaces can show the nature of a place and its inhabitants, semiotic communications, language/narrative and art-making as a way to make sense of a seemingly inscrutable world.

Recent explorations in the studio have included the complicated systems of alphabets. I’m especially interested in repetition in alphabets and the idea that shapes (letterforms) when grouped in certain ways contain specific meaning but when separated from the group become individual design elements. When that happens, the single shape is relieved of all content and transforms into its own fully realized composition.

I am currently investigating the concept of home: how we craft our domestic living environments and define the words “family” and “household”. This has led to a surprising figurative turn in my work, something not present in my pieces for years. While this latest, figurative manifestation is in some respects a separation from my previous work, it also evolved from that work. I believe it is important in a healthy studio practice to foster both continuity of concept and application as well as unexpected new directions that may present themselves.


River Campus Seminary 104A
Department of Art
One University Plaza, MS 7825
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701