Southeast Missouri State University

EF 304. School and Society

An introductory study of schooling as the principal institution by which American society educates its citizens for life in a democratic social order. (2 credit hours) January 20 – May 15

EL 354. Corrective Reading Instruction

This field-based course teaches the use of literacy assessment techniques to enhance teachers’ ability to plan appropriate literacy experiences. (3) January 20 – May 15

EX 390. Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child

Characteristics and education of exceptional children, including mental retardation; learning disabilities; behavior disorders; visual, hearing, speech language, physical impairment; gifted. (3) January 20 – May 15

PY 222. Development of the Adolescent

The basic physical, cognitive, social and personality development of the adolescent period will be examined. Efforts will be made to understand current issues affecting adolescence in light of recent empirical and theoretical knowledge. (3) January 20 – May 15

SE 306. Theories of Learning and Management

Classroom instruction in learning theory and behavior management will be coordinated with instruction of a student in an integrated field experience. (2) January 20 – May 15

SE 330. Techniques of Teaching – Alternative Certification

Techniques of teaching for students in the Alternative Certification program. (3) January 20 – May 15

SE 460. Practicum

Professional practicum for students in the Alternative Certification program requiring classroom teaching under the direction and supervision of site administrators and program coordinator. (6) January 20 – May 15