Students interested in attending law school after graduation should understand that there is no single pre-law curriculum. Rigidly structured “pre-law majors” are in fact strongly discouraged by schools of law. A wide variety of undergraduate majors are suitable as law school preparation, provided they have a strong academic content. Courses that develop a student’s ability to think logically and to express thoughts lucidly in written form are strongly suggested. Most students in the Pre-Law program earn a bachelor of science degree in political science or interdisciplinary studies.

The Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion provides pre-law advising to those students, regardless of actual major, who are considering a career in law. Such advising includes recommending to students various schools of law which may be most appropriate for them, assisting students with the law school application process (including the Law School Admission Test), and recommending undergraduate preparation for the subsequent law school experience.

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