The Bachelor of Arts Degree in History will increase your knowledge of history and develop your research, organizational, and written and oral communication skills. It also prepares students for advanced study in areas or careers such as history, law, or other related fields that could lead to careers in history, law, business or other related professions.

Faculty support the development of individual interests, through research and independent projects. They are well-prepared instructors and active scholars, encouraging students to explore history beyond the classroom. Professors have teaching and publication experience in a variety of fields, including United States history, Modern Europe, Latin America, Medieval history, the Middle East, and historic preservation. Many have national or international reputations, teaching awards, and recognitions from the university and broader community. Classes average 20 to 30 students, which allows for individual attention on research projects and experiential activities.

History students will…
  • Master the methods of effective historical research and communication.
  • Learn to read, critically evaluate and interpret primary and secondary historical sources.
  • Understand and formulate historical arguments and interpretation.

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