The health promotion option of health management gives students the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies needed to plan, implement and evaluate wellness programs in a variety of settings. The cornerstone of most wellness programs is physical fitness; therefore, a major part of the curriculum involves teaching students the skills required to be effective fitness professionals. Many of these skills are based on the knowledge, skills and competencies desired by the American College of Sports Medicine, which is the preeminent professional organization for fitness and wellness professionals. The certifications offered by this organization are the gold standard for the field. The health promotion curriculum prepares students to pass the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health Fitness Specialist Certification.

The curriculum provides students with the background necessary to apply scientific principles to comprehensive wellness programs. Students are taught the how to design health promotion interventions for a variety of settings. These interventions include exercise, weight loss, nutrition education, health screening and assessment, stress management, low back care, ergonomics, substance abuse prevention, and smoking cessation. Students also learn to apply theories of behavior change to assist individuals of varying health status and fitness levels make lifestyle changes. Students who complete the health promotion program have had ample opportunities to apply knowledge and hone skills learned in the classroom in both the laboratory setting and in the field. Faculty monitor students’ progress along the way.

Health Promotion students will…
  • Learn the skills needed to be effective wellness/health promotion professionals
  • Be afforded the opportunity to gain hundreds of hours of real world experience prior to graduation
  • Gain a wide variety of exercise testing and exercise programming skills
  • Learn how to apply basic scientific principles for a wide variety of interventions

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