The B.A. in dance consists of broad-based education and training in dance, providing students the flexibility to explore all aspects of the performing arts. The degree combines theoretical and analytical approaches to understanding dance and has an emphasis on experiential and academic training. Students graduate with the background to pursue a career in the professional dance world or go on to graduate studies.

This program allows students to combine dance training with another discipline or area of study to prepare them for careers not specifically in the dance profession. For example, students may combine the B.A. in dance with a minor in fine arts entrepreneurship to prepare for careers in administrative and management fields. Another possibility is to double major in film/television production.

For those interested in graduate school, this degree prepares students to work toward degrees at the master’s and doctoral levels.

Dance students will…
  • Train with experienced faculty and staff in areas of dance that include ballet, jazz, modern, and tap.
  • Prepare for rewarding careers as a dancer or dance teacher who is capable of teaching a variety of dance styles.
  • Study and train in the beautiful River Campus, a multimillion dollar facility devoted to the visual and performing arts.
  • Benefit from an established program of collaboration with professional guest dancers and choreographers.
  • Establish relationships with professional dancers, choreographers, and dance companies through internships, intensives, and dance festivals.
Bachelor of Arts in Dance Students will demonstrate:
  • A broad range of knowledge and skills in the area of dance within a liberal arts context;
  • Familiarity with a wide variety of dance repertory and dance styles;
  • A fluency in all practical applications of dance, including performance, choreography, kinesiology and teaching;
  • An ability to develop and defend critical evaluations;
  • An understanding of the major historical and cultural aspects of dance; and
  • An understanding in the many facets of dance production and other professionally oriented work.

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