A major in criminal justice offers outstanding academic preparations for careers in law enforcement and corrections. The Department of Criminal Justice prepares students to contribute to the pressing social problems in the areas of crime prevention, protection and rehabilitation. A college degree is becoming necessary to advance in today’s criminal justice careers.

Within the major of criminal justice, we offer three options: Law Enforcement, Corrections and Criminology. The corrections option prepares to enter corrections positions at the local, county, state and federal levels. Courses in this option include constitutional rights of inmates, community-based corrections, offender rehabilitation and correctional institutions. This option prepares students for managerial positions in corrections and law enforcement, federal law enforcement positions that require specialized skills, and/or graduate studies.

Criminal Justice students will… 
  • Learn from faculty with extensive professional experience and advanced academic degrees.
  • Be exposed to curriculum that prepares them for internships and employment in the criminal justice field.
  • Be offered a responsive, challenging and flexible curriculum with a broad range of courses on various aspects of criminal justice, as well as a core courses designed to foster critical and analytical thinking, inquiry and life-long learning.
  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate ideas in written and oral form.
  • Be prepared to monitor cases and analyze records using computer technology.
  • Be offered a balance of theory and practice, which prepares them for successful entry into a number of criminal justice careers.

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