Agribusiness is a challenging, rewarding, multi-faceted industry. From large multinational corporations to emerging food manufacturing and input supply firms, there is a strong demand by agribusiness firms for more and better employees trained in both management and the agricultural sciences. Using technology ranging from natural systems to artificial insemination and embryo transfer systems, animal science involves the production, packaging, transportation, marketing and regulation of food, medical and fiber products.

Agribusiness: Animal Science students will…
  • Take a variety of business-related courses such as: computer applications, accounting, economics, management, marketing, sales and finance.
  • Take agriculture courses like animal science, animal breed improvement, animal diseases, nutrition, horse science and beef production.
  • Complete an internship or research project.
  • Be prepared for positions in management, sales, marketing, finance, policy and related areas in the animal industry.
  • Be provided with a basis for graduate work leading to a master’s degree or doctorate.

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