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The S.H.O.W. Mobile is a 38-foot mobile health center outfitted with medical equipment. The vehicle, which is handicapped accessible, includes a medical exam area, a full dental suite, an office area, a lab and a restroom. Federal funding for the program was made possible by a request from Missouri Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, who championed the project in the U.S. House of Representatives.“The S.H.O.W. Mobile links crucial health services with patients throughout the region who would otherwise encounter serious challenges in obtaining access to care,” said Emerson. “It is an innovative model that overcomes the major obstacles to being seen by a medical professional. The University has worked hard on the model for the S.H.O.W. Mobile, and their effort is paying off by bringing a standard of care to hundreds of families in Southern Missouri. That has only been possible with dedicated health professionals, community leaders and University officials who are dedicated to the S.H.O.W. Mobile and its mission,” Emerson said.

The S.H.O.W. Mobile, which first began operating in summer 2006, is designed to make a positive impact on the region's economy by improving the overall level of health care in the potential work force.Emerson said the S.H.O.W. Mobile serves the public in a variety of ways.“The overall goal is to increase the number of residents who receive primary medical care. Health education, screening and care reduce the incidence and severity of chronic disease. The services of the S.H.O.W. Mobile make our communities, workplaces and schools healthier places. In rural areas, this access means the difference between a treatment or a diagnosis and nothing at all – and that is a major contribution to our health care system,” Emerson said.

The S.H.O.W. Mobile began as a pilot project focused on serving as the foundation of a sustained structure to promote and enhance the health of residents in selected rural communities where significant health disparities have been identified. The unit was built by Mobile Medical and Command Center Vehicles in Newton, Texas.

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