Student employment is supervised by Student Financial Services. We highly recommend campus employment for two reasons.

  1. Working on campus will connect you with a large network of faculty, staff and students interested in your academic success. Numerous national studies have indicated that working on campus has been linked to higher grades and improved chances of graduating from college.

  2. Your University employer will put your student needs before their work needs. You are a student first and will never be asked to choose between your job and your class attendance. To be eligible to participate in the student employment programs at Southeast Missouri State University, students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program andd must be enrolled in a minimum number of hours.  Special, high school, provisionally admitted students, and students enrolled in the Intensive English Program are not eligible to work on campus.
  • Citizens - 6 hours
  • International Undergraduate - 12 hours
  • International Graduate - 9 hours
  • International Graduate Assistant - 6 hours

Additional requirements concerning student employment can be found:

There are two types of student employment at Southeast: Federal Work Study and Regular Institutional Work. Federal Work Study is a federally funded program established to provide jobs for students who have financial need as demonstrated by their completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Students may be limited in earnings for this program. Students on Federal Work Study have two advantages over our Regular Institutional Work students.

  1. When completing the FAFSA for the next academic school year, you can exclude your FWS earnings thus reducing your expected student contribution.
  2. Since supervisors to not pay the full salary from their budgets for Federal Work Study students, they usually prefer to hire a student who is eligible for Federal Work Study.

For students interested in student employment, please visit Career Services.

Disclosure of civil conviction or disciplinary action

Disclosing a civil conviction or disciplinary action on the Student Employment Referral Authorization (Work Referral) form will not automatically prevent employment. Students may be hired, commence employment and receive payment for work during the review of this information by the University's Coordinator of Student Development and Judicial Affairs.

The Judicial Affairs Coordinator will determine if the disclosed information may affect eligibility to work on campus, location of employment or attendance at the University. The coordinator will notify all appropriate parties regarding the outcome of this review. For questions regarding this review, contact the Judicial Affairs Office at (573) 651-2264.

Information regarding civil convictions or college discipline is currently collected on the admissions application and will continue to be collected for students applying to the University. However, the University must collect this information on a more regular basis in order to have the most current information available on students seeking employment on campus.