Insurance Program

The University requires international students to purchase health insurance offered through Southeast Missouri State University.  See Estimated Cost Sheet for current prices. 

Insurance is billed in two coverage cycles: January to August, and August to December.  Bills are issued in either the first or the second billing cycle of the fall and spring terms.  Students sponsored by approved exchange programs or government/employer are exempt if equivalent coverage verification is provided before the first day of classes each semester.

The Counseling and Disability Services

Southeast has an on-campus clinic that offers nursing care, some diagnostic tests, some over-the-counter and prescription medicines, and emotional/psychological counseling to all University students if needed. The services of the Counseling and Disability Services are largely paid through your University fees. Most treatments are offered free, or at a substantially reduced cost to students. Many medicines are offered at substantially reduced prices.

Confidential Medical History Form

This form helps our Counseling and Disability Services give appropriate medical treatment and advice when a student visits. We ask that you have it completed by a physician in your place of residence before you come to the United States. You do not need to submit the form in advance, but please bring the completed form with you when you come to our orientation program.  If you do not find it in your acceptance packet, you may print it from our website below.  Please note that the full list of immunizations is not required; however, your US doctor(s) will need to know which immunizations you have taken in order to assess illness correctly.

Health History Questionnaire
Patient Information
Health Profile