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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Organization and Governance

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Institutional Priorities and Goals
  3. Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education
  4. Board of Regents
  5. Administrative Organization of the University
    1. Executive Officers
    2. Administrative Organization Chart
    3. The President: Role, Responsibility, Review, and Selection
    4. The Provost: Role, Responsibility, Review, and Selection
    5. Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success
    6. Vice President for Finance and Administration
    7. Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the University Foundation
  6. Academic Administrative Organization
    1. Administrative Positions
    2. Dean of Academic Information Services and Director of Kent Library
    3. Assistant Provost of Extended Learning
    4. Dean of the Graduate School
    5. Dean of the School of University Studies
    6. Director, Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning
    7. Dean of Students
    8. The College Dean: Role, Responsibility, and Review
    9. Department Chairs
    10. Academic Departments
  7. University Governance
    1. The Principles of Collegiality
    2. The Department and the Department Chairperson.
    3. The College and the College Dean
    4. Faculty Senate
      1. The Role of the Faculty Senate in University Governance
    5. University Standing Committees and Councils
      1. Administrative Council
      2. University Athletic Committee
      3. University Equity Issues Committee
      4. Academic Advising Council
      5. Council of Deans
      6. Funding for Results Team
      7. Information Technology Committee
      8. International Council
      9. Native American Culture Committee
      10. Research Involving Human Subjects Committee
      11. University Academic Council
      12. University Assessment Review Committee
      13. University Planning Committee
      14. University Promotion and Sabbatical Leave Committee
      15. University Student Affairs Committee
      16. Campus Planning and Beautification Committee
      17. University Commencement Committee
      18. Administrative Professional Job Evaluation Committee
      19. Clerical/Service Job Evaluation Committee
      20. Traffic/Textbook Appeals Committee
      21. University Budget Review Committee
      22. College Council/School of Ploytechnic Studies Council
      23. Graduate Council
      24. University Studies Council
      25. Review Committees

Chapter 2 - Faculty Policies and Procedures

  1. Sick Leave Policy
  2. Merit Pay Guidelines
  3. Faculty Merit Pay Policy
  4. Faculty Designations
    1. Continuing Faculty Appointments
    2. Non Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments
    3. Faculty Status of Librarians
    4. Non-Continuing Faculty Appointments
    5. Emeritus Status
    6. Graduate Faculty Status
      1. Graduate Faculty Assignments
      2. Graduate Faculty Responsibilities, Expectations, and Appointment Procedures
    7. Honors Faculty
  5. Academic Freedom
  6. Faculty Tenure and Promotion Policy
    1. Tenure and Promotion Eligibility Standards
    2. Tenure and Promotion Criteria
    3. Development of Criteria
    4. The Dossier
    5. Guides for Collecting Evidence
    6. Faculty Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committees
    7. Evaluation of Probationary Faculty Members
    8. Procedures
    9. Calendar
    10. Appeals
    11. Rewards for Promotion and Post-Professorial Merit
    12. Summary Form
  7. Grievance Policy
  8. Termination of Faculty Employment
    1. Termination During the Probationary Period
    2. Academic Due Process
    3. Termination Initiated by a Faculty Member
    4. Retrenchment

Chapter 3 - Faculty Professional Responsibilities

  1. Professional Ethics
  2. Southeast Missouri State University Conflict of Interests Policy
  3. Teaching Classroom Practices
    1. Teaching Responsibilities
    2. Eight-Week Midterm Grades
    3. Advisement of Students
    4. Class Attendance Policy
    5. Office Hours
    6. Examinations and Grade Policy
    7. Incomplete Grades
    8. Grade Appeals
    9. Repeating Courses
    10. Student Evaluation of Instruction
    11. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act/Buckley Amendment
    12. Guidelines for Classroom Copying; Photocopying Copyrighted Material for Teaching
    13. Textbook Policies
    14. Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Academic Internship Programs
  4. Research
    1. Policy Reguarding the Role of Research on Campus
    2. Policy Regarding the Role of the Office of Research and Grant Development
    3. Research Funds
    4. Patents and Copyrights
    5. Research Corporation
    6. Additional Information Regarding Copyrights
    7. Photocopying Copyrighted Materials for Research
    8. Process for Handling Allegations of Scientific Misconduct
    9. Research Involving Human Subjects
      1. Procedure for the Review of Research Proposals Involving Human Subjects
      2. Procedures Regarding Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator
      3. Procedures Regarding Informed Consent
      4. Procedures for Confidentiality of Data Regarding Human Subjects
      5. Procedures Regarding Complaints
      6. Procedures Regarding the College-Level Committees
      7. Procedures Regarding the Student Services Review Committee
      8. Procedures Regarding the University Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects
  5. Service
    1. Commencement
  6. Academic Distinction in the Department of Major
  7. Jane Stephens Honors Program

Chapter 4 - Professional Development Opportunities

  1. Professional Development Program
  2. Professional Travel Provisions
  3. College Level Professional Development Policy
  4. Sabbatical Leave: Policies and Procedures
  5. Funding for Results

Chapter 5 - Academic Policies

  1. Student Credit Hour Definition
  2. Course and Curricular Approval Process
    1. Review Committees
    2. Approval Process
    3. College Council: College of Education
    4. Graduate Council
  3. Process for Academic Restructuring
  4. Policy on Academic Honesty
  5. Academic Fresh Start Policy

Chapter 6 - Information Technology

  1. Computer Use on Campus
    1. Notice of Access to Mainframe Computer on Campus
    2. Notice of Microcomputer Laboratory Guidelines and Procedures
    3. Notice of Software Copyright Procedures

Chapter 7 - Other Areas of Interest to Faculty

  1. Affirmative Action Plan
  2. Sexual Harassment Policy
  3. Notice of Nondiscrimination
    1. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    2. Southeasr Missouri State University's Accessibility Plan
  4. University No Smoking Policy
  5. University Relations
  6. Guidelines for Users of University Printing and Duplicating Services
    1. Authorization for Printing
    2. Personal Work
  7. Guidelines for On-Campus Promotion of Events
  8. Guidelines for Partisan Political Action on Campus
  9. Official Mileage Chart
  10. Policy and Procedures for Prevention of Alcohol/Drug Abuse
  11. Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 8 - Appendix

  1. Faculty Senate Constitution
    1. Articles
  2. Faculty Senate Bylaws
  3. Johnson Faculty Centre
    1. Bylaws