The University places a high priority on communicating emergency information to the students, faculty and staff. Those avenues of communication include the following:

Network Messaging

Allows the University to send messages to all University computers almost instantly, informing constituents at the main and regional campuses of weather alerts or other emergencies.

University’s Home Page

On the Web site at – watch for a flashing “Urgent Alert” which will convey any emergency communication.

My Southeast

( ) is the campus portal which can be accessed by all students, faculty and staff.


The Southeast Newswire is the faculty/staff e-mail news. Special editions of the Newswire will be distributed to all faculty and staff in case of an emergency.

Outdoor Warning/Siren System

Will sound a series of sirens in case of a weather alert and can be voice activated with announcements in case of other emergency situations.


Is the campus telephone messaging system. Any student in the residence halls with a land-line phone and telephones in faculty and staff offices can be sent a mass emergency message.

Indoor Emergency Announcement System

Is in the implementation process across the campus.This system will allow emergency communications to be made inside all campus buildings. The implementation process has several phases for installation over a period of several years.The first goal will be to implement the system in the residence halls.

Emergency Text Message

Notifications are now available through an opt-in program. These messages will only be sent during situations of urgent need and will provide another layer of communication to supplement the measures listed above. New and current students, faculty and staff of Southeast Missouri State University are eligible to receive these messages but must opt-in to the program.

Register to Begin Receiving Emergency Text Messages

Television Stations

Emergency information also will be provided to regional media outlets including:

Radio Stations