Southeast has a standardized list of fonts that it uses in publications online and in print. These fonts are all cross-platformed and installed in the vast majority of computers, including both PCs and Macs, by default.

Fonts for Print

  • Serif: Times New Roman

    Can be scaled from 70% to 100% and be italicized, bolded, or both.
    Image of Times New Roman font options
  • San-Serif: Myriad Pro

    Myriad Pro has a wide variety of font faces that can fit many layouts easily.
    Image of Myriad Pro font options

Fonts for Web

  • Serif: Georgia

    Georgia is only used in select headlines on audience pages. Not available for standard text.
    Image of Georgia font options
  • San-Serif: Verdana

    This page is set in Verdana.
    Image of Verdana font options