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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help with my student’s career development?

Parents and families have a great influence on students’ career decisions and can assist in many ways.

  • Encourage your student to visit Career Services and to actively explore a variety of career fields, despite the ones they grew up surrounded by.
  • You know your student better than most others do. Acknowledge your student’s strengths, interests, and values. From there, you can help them explore the occupations that fit their personality traits.
  • Discuss your experiences in school, college and the job world. Help your student reflect on what he or she wants from a career.
  • Provide opportunities for your student to network with people you know who have different occupations and life experiences. This process can help solidify a career decision while also creating future networking connections.
  • Share your experiences with interviewing, networking, & career decision-making. There is no connect with college students than to let them know you were once in their shoes.
  • Make a commitment to talk (and listen) to your student about career-related issues and challenges. The world of jobs and employment is rapidly changing every day, and although it is an exciting time to be a college student, it can also be a very stressful time.

When can my student start using Career Services?
Career Services welcomes students starting their very first day at Southeast! Oftentimes Career Services is not the first office on campus that students need to visit as they orient themselves to the new college environment. However, Career Counselors are available for exploratory students to discuss potential majors and career directions as early as their first week of classes.

Once students are established in a major at Southeast, we encourage them to frequent our office, as well as our online resources, as they navigate through their career journey at Southeast. For more detailed information and tips regarding your student’s career development and suggested interactions with our office, visit our Four-Year Career Development Plan for Southeast students.

What services can Career Services provide for my student?
Career Services provides career counseling to assist students with major and career exploration, as well as staff consultants who provide students with services on internship strategizing, career planning (ie: resume/cover letter writing, interviewing, and job searching), and preparing to enter graduate school.

Throughout the academic year, we offer a variety of career workshops and events, as well as career fairs designed to connect students with prospective employers. In addition, the office maintains a range of online career resources including REDConnect, Southeast’s online job search service.

For more information on our services and resources available, feel free to peruse our website or contact us at or 573-651-2583.

What if my student hasn’t chosen a major yet? Is my student behind?
Although national statistics vary, most state that roughly 50% of students enter college without a concrete major or career in mind, and only 30% of those who do will eventually work in that field!

Because over 50 hours of all undergraduate degrees at Southeast consist of general University Studies credits, there are ways for beginning 1st and 2nd year students to design full course schedules while still deciding on a major and not “falling behind” on attaining the degree they eventually decide to pursue. These students should work closely with career counselors at Career Services, as well as their academic advisors, to assure they are making wise choices regarding course selection and career exploration based on their interest areas.

About 1 in 4 Southeast students come into their first year as exploratory majors and at Career Services, we encourage students to start the career exploration process as early as possible. A variety of resources are available through our office which are tailored specifically for students who are still deciding on a college major or career direction, including one-on-one career counseling services and online career exploration resources found HERE.

Encourage your student to visit Career Services and get started with a career counseling appointment.

How can I help if my student does not know what he/she wants to do?
Choosing a college major or career direction can seem daunting and overwhelming for your student, and your patience and positive support will be helpful. In addition to emotional support, the following are suggestions of ways you can assist your student in exploring career paths.

  1. Observe your daily interactions and acknowledge your student’s strengths, interests, and values. From there, you can help them explore the occupations that fit their personality traits.
  2. Provide opportunities for your student to network with people you know who have different occupations and life experiences. Both informational interviews and job shadowing are beneficial for career exploration.
  3. At the end of the day, your student MUST be allowed the opportunity to make this decision on his or her own. Encourage your student to remain active in the process of exploring possible career paths at all times, while at the same time allowing them enough trust and space to feel free to make his or her own individual decisions.

What majors are available at Southeast?

Majors at Southeast

My student chose (insert major), what can he/she do with THAT?
One of the resources we provide students at Career Services is What Can I Do With This Major?It is a great way to connect majors to career areas that people with each degree may find themselves in. It also includes typical employers who hire graduates with those majors, strategies designed to maximize career opportunities and a list of web links to continue career exploration.

Additionally, it is important for you and your student understand that many times, skills and experiences gained outside the classroom can end up directing an individual’s career path even more than the specific degree he or she is puruing. One major opens up the door to numerous careers, and most careers can be entered with a variety of majors. Career Counselors on are available at Career Services to discuss majors and career goals with students during individual appointments made by calling 573-651-2583.

How can my student find a part-time job?
By logging onto REDConnect, your Southeast’s student’s personalized job and internship search engine, your student will have access to all part-time job openings which come through our office. 

What is an internship?
An internship is a chance for your student to gain experience in a career field before entering the job market. Internships can confirm a career choice while also providing valuable resume experience. Many successful student interns receive offers for full-time employment after graduation by the organization where they interned. While some internships are paid, many credit-bearing internships are not because the emphasis is on skill development and educational experience. Most internships are one semester summer long, but can occasionally be longer. The length of an internship is often negotiable.

How can my student find an internship and when is the best time to look?
By logging onto REDConnect, our office’s personalized job search engine for Southeast students, your student will have access to all internship postings which come through our office. For more information, go HERE.

Companies recruit for interns at different times. For summer internships, most companies start looking in January, but companies with more competitive internships start in the fall semester of the year before. We recommend that students make early contact with their employers of choice to find out when intern hiring begins.

When should my student start looking for a job?
Typically, students should plan on starting the job search two semesters prior to graduation. In the current job market, most jobs are found through strategic networking, so it is important to start early. Career Services provides a wide range of services to help with the job search process, including individual appointments for resume/cover lettercritiques, mock interviews, one-one-one job search coaching, job fairs, workshops and an extensive website.

Students should also create a profile, upload their resumes and search for positions on REDConnect, our online job database. This is also where students can schedule on-campus interviews with employers recruiting through Career Services.

How can my student find a job and what resources are available?
By logging onto REDConnect, your student’s personalized job and internship search engine, your student will have access to all internship postings which come through our office. Students can also make an appointment with a Career Services staff member to discuss job search tips, resumes, cover letters, and various resources outside the university. For more information, go HERE.

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