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Biology is the study of life. At Southeast, we cover every aspect of life at every level. Our strengths lie in the versatility of our program and in the individualized support that we provide our students.  In Biology at Southeast, you will be able to study viruses, algae, fungi, plants and animals... and, you can study them on a molecular, cellular, organismal and ecological level. Moreover, you will have opportunities to learn in the classroom, in the field, and in the laboratory. Can't do it all? We have six options in the major, from wildlife to cell and molecular biology to pre-physician assistant. What are your career goals? What are your academic goals? Let us help you experience biology at Southeast... and experience success!

Exciting News!

The University received a five-year $2 million Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  The grant provides funds to purchase state of the art scientific equipment and complete renovation of the teaching laboratories.  Alumni and friends of the Department are encouraged to contribute to the matching portion of the grant.  To learn more about the grant, you may follow this link:

Are you interested in specific courses or supportive courses for you option choice? Our course page offers a listing of core courses, electives, science education courses, and university studies courses that you will need to streamline your study at Southeast.
Contact Info & Faculty Index
Career choices, options of study, specific study areas... our faculty research pages can help you identify areas that interest you.  They can also help you identify specific professors  to consult about study and career options.
Facilities and Opportunities
Southeast Missouri State University is located at the head of the Mississippi River delta and just one mile from the river. Southeast Missouri is packed with freshwater habitat to study plants, animals, insects and invertebrates. Across the river is Bald Cypress swampland. To the south are wetlands and cropland. North of us lie oak and hickory deciduous forest. But we're not just ecology and wildlife. Our research ranges from viruses, to cell and molecular biology, and to ecology. In today's integrated research environment, we offer you an opportunity to prepare for your future.
Financial Assistance Opportunities
Biology at Southeast is associated with scholarship opportunities that specifically designated for Biology students. In addition, university and state financial helps are available for those who meet designated criteria. Grant, scholarship, and aid program descriptions can be accessed through the links provided. But don't stop there! Apply!
Graduate Program
Southeast offers a Master of Natural Science degree in Biology.  Looking for personal training and direction?  Southeast is the place for you!
Biology Alumni Survey
The Department of Biology needs your contact information after you graduate. Graduates like you are a valuable resource for assessing the quality of our programs, and it is vital that we periodically obtain feedback from you regarding your career success and transitions. Please feel free to update your information as it changes, because we really do want to know.
Minors in Biology

We offer five minors.  You can develop a broad minor in General Biology, specialize in Microbiology, Plant Biology, Zoology, or choose the new minor in Biological and Medical Science Entrepreneurship!

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Faculty Research
How can we help you experience Southeast and experience success?
Graduate with Distinction in Biology
The Department of Biology Academic Distinction is designed for students who intend to pursue graduate training or who seek to distinguish themselves as scholars. Experience real research, its design, implementation and presentation! Academic Distinction is honored at commencement and posted on transcripts.